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January 12, 2015

5 Positive Things To Do This Week #115

1) Print out precious photographs from last year. Pop them on your walls, stick them on your fridge door, keep them close in your diary or purse and send them as an added extra in a handwritten letter (see no.4!).

2) Slow down (this is more a reminder to myself).

3) Go for a winter walk with friends. Don’t forget flasks filled with your favourite tipple.

4) Write Christmas thank you notes/letters…it’s never too late!

5) Give out lots of compliments this week to help combat January blues.

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Hebden Bridge/ Positivity
December 22, 2014

10 Positive Things To Do This Christmas Week #114


Happy Monday everyone! Here are 10 positive things to do this Christmas week, including some of my favourites featured over the past couple of years.

  • Spend a little time reading all of the Christmas cards you have received and be grateful for all the people in your life.
  • If possible give your home/room a good clean tonight so it is sparkly and tidy for Christmas. Don’t forget a Christmas soundtrack (ideas below)!
  • Check your rubbish/recycling collection times for the Christmas period and recycle anything you can in advance. Tip – give old magazines to friends/family for them to read over the festive break.
  • Go for a walk in your local town and take in all the festivities (try to avoid running errands!) to help you feel more present and in the moment.
  • Pop to the library and pick up a couple of books to read over the holidays.
  • Whilst waiting in shopping queues over the next couple of days, send a few text messages wishing your loved ones a great Christmas.
  • Get the board games out.  Take an hour off and simply concentrate on having some fun with loved ones.
  • Listen to lovely Christmas soundtracks. I love this one from Julia Ogden or this playlist from The Future Kept.
  • Water your plants now incase you forget over Christmas!
  • Go to your local cinema and watch a festive film; we’re playing Miracle on 34th Street (35mm film!) and It’s a Wonderful Life – joy!

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Hebden Bridge/ Positivity
December 15, 2014

5 Positive Things To Do This Week #113

mince pies

  • Add floral and festive joy to your computer with this Poinsettia desktop wallpaper from Design Love Fest.
  • Give any leftover festive bakes to your neighbours…I always bake far too much for just the two of us.
  • Feed the birds. Here’s 10 lovely bird feeders and houses for inspiration!
  • Take it very easy on the roads this week – everyone is in manic Christmas mode.
  • Tell the one’s you love how much you love them. Soppy, yes. But very, very important.

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Hebden Bridge/ Positivity
December 8, 2014

5 Positive Things To Do This Week #112

  • Hit the charity shops for stocking fillers.
  • Sit and write your Christmas cards, with a little music (and a sherry).
  • Top up on batteries for the house so you don’t run out over Christmas (remote controls and fire alarms).
  • Tell a joke!
  • List 3 great things that you are looking forward to this week. I’m super excited to see my friends in Nottingham, watching Peter Hook & The Light play Closer and Unknown Pleasures and making my first festive bake of the year, ginger shortbread!

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