Lately: Cashmere, Fairy Cakes and Sniffles


Going on a New Year mini break to Bamburgh was definitely what I needed to blow away 2013 cobwebs. It’s a wonder how 3 days spent doing nowt much can make you feel like yourself all over again. Which is why I’m loving our weekends right now; a big empty pocket of time dedicated to doing all the things I love at my own pace. Hurrah.

Early morning walks, baking, writing, and learning calligraphy; these are all making Lisa a happy contented soul right now. Even though we are super skint this month, there is always a place to wander to in Hebden Bridge. Plus, if you have a spare egg in the fridge (and butter, flour and sugar) you can make a few fairy cakes to fill that cake tin for your return. Which is exactly what I did.


Beauty about everywhere…


My favourite tote bag


Crumpled collar love (I rarely iron)


Our neighbours


I’m determined to get better at having my picture taken. Sorry about the wonky fringe and bad nails (see below)…





uk lifestyle blog

My gorgeous new fabric watch from Wholesome Bling. It cheers up grey days!


Beautiful cashmere


My favourite muddy Converse

uk lifestyle blog

Reviving blueberry fairy cakes 

uk lifestyle blog

Jeans, New Look // Cashmere Jumper, c/o Great Plains // Shirt, Charity Shop // Tote bag, Cardboard Cities via Society 6 // Watch, c/o Wholesome Bling // Boots, Converse

Happy Wednesday!

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