Oh I love a good party. The food, the decor, the music, the people – love it!

As I mentioned in a previous post we had a wee celebration for my boyfriend’s niece, Sophie, at his brothers new flat. I’d thought I’d share some of the craft tutorials I came across and I also wanted to share a few family photos for Jenny, my boyfriend’s Mum, who lives in the land of Oz. We can’t wait to see you in December Jenny!

So, here comes the freebie party ideas:

Photobooth props via Oh Happy Day

Crepe paper bunting via Project Wedding

Ice-Cream gift tags via Eat Drink Chic

Pretty food flags via Morning by Foley

I want to plan another party!

P.S Keep your eyes peeled for my first Natural History post this afternoon!

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8 Responses to Party.

  1. Fran says:

    Can you please plan me a party? That looks so lovely! :)

  2. How completely fab! It looks like it was a wonderful party!

  3. Kat got the cream says:

    I want to go to one of your parties!! The photobooth props made me chuckle. Looks like lots of fun and the food looked Nom nom nom!

    PS Going over to check out your Natural History post now :-)

  4. Jenny Morris says:

    Aw, wish I could have been there, that was so lovely of you all to put on a party for Sophie. Can’t wait to see you either – missing you all very much xxx

  5. Siobhan says:

    I now feel excited at planning a party – thanks!

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