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February 4, 2016

Home and Style Finds: Introducing Haykin

UK stockists of Carni Socks

I’m super-stoked today to introduce my friend’s new online store, Haykin, specialising in goods of colour and simplicity. Shake those tail feathers!

After months of hard work, love and dedication, the launch day has arrived and I’m excited to share just a small selection of my favourite Haykin goods. No need to hold your horses (or purses), my friends. Feel free to head straight over and say hello!

Created and curated by Yorkshire-based Katy Barraclough, the shop celebrates the founder’s long-held love affair with bold, bright colours and her affection for simple, timeless design.

Haykin features designers, makers and independent designers from across the globe (all new to me, which is really exciting) including Federica Bubani, Saniyo, Odd Pears and Puc to name a few; plus Haykin’s own-branded cushions, handmade in Katy’s hometown of Ilkley, Yorkshire.


Like? I’m besotted with the timeless Titlee jewellery range, all handmade in Paris. This delicate collection is right up my street. And those stunning Puc bags? Damn! One in every colour please.

Besotted too? Throughout launch week Haykin is offering 10% discount on orders until midnight Thursday 11 February. Simply use HAYKINLAUNCH10 at the checkout.

To discover more about Haykin, visit haykinshop.com or follow the store’s latest news and updates via its blog blog.haykinshop.com, TwitterFacebook or Instagram @haykinshop.

Katy Barraclough, owner of Haykin


At Home/ Home & Style/ Home Interiors
February 2, 2016

At Home: Paint it, Black

Black Feature Wall

Via Cote Maison

My interpretation of a feature wall as a teenager, was a sliding wardrobe in my bedroom covered in posters of my beloved heroes: The Verve, The Rolling Stones and The Stone Roses. I’d fill every inch of those doors, then spread the posters and magazine cut-outs to neighbouring walls, much to my mum’s dismay.

Nowadays my tastes have changed (although I am still partial to a framed poster or two) and a feature wall simply means adding a simple coat of contrasting paint to a wall. So, my friends, let’s discuss painting the walls black.

First up, I’m obsessed with this matte black finish. But as with everything, I like to wait and sit on ideas for a while before I jump in. I’ve found so much inspiration that I’m struggling to decide which room would benefit from this makeover the most, but seeing as the office could really do with one, I think that’s where we will begin. Although I’m seriously coveting the copper/black kitchen in the photograph above.

Here’s why you should paint your wall/s black, Rolling Stones style.



Via Design Milk

Black is ridiculously versatile. Add contrasting colours to make them pop (pink works really well), woods add warmth and whites help to achieve a modern and Scandinavian feel. It’s a no brainer.

Black Feature Wall

Via Hunted Interior

Black adds drama, elegance and can be a neutral backdrop for displaying art and collections to your walls.

Black Feature Walk

Via Dulux

Oh this bathroom (another room on our list to makeover!).  White is a great accent for black especially if you warm the room with plants and wooden accessories. The tiles on the wall and floor paired with the period details contrast really well with the contemporary bathroom suite.

Black walls

Via Brit + Co

I just want to hug this space so much. Maybe leave us alone for a minute…

I’m back! Those painted brick walls are something else. I do love our red brick kitchen feature wall but there’s something rather special about this. Something to think about if we ever refit the kitchen. Oh my.

Black walls

Via Digs Digs

The Scandi look. There’s a few things I love about this room. The shelves, the floor, the chair, the Mac computer (I can dream!) but overall it’s all about the one simple black wall. Maybe starting of small in one room might give us the confidence to do something special elsewhere? Now I just need to find the perfect matte paint and be brave!

Have you got a room painted black?

Hebden Bridge
February 1, 2016

5 Positive Things To Do This Week #165


1| Bake banana bread
2| Pledge to the #CalderdaleRising crowdfunding site
3| Make soup in the slow cooker
4| Invest in a pair of dungarees. They make everything better.
5| Wear colourful tights

Brew up and see more 5 Positive Things To Do This Week posts here. Oh and don’t forget to share your positive moments over on Instagram and tag with #sharethepositive

January 28, 2016

Wardrobe Details: In My Sports Bag

Sport Bag

Ha. I never thought I’d be writing a post about the contents of my sports bag. What a difference 5 months makes. It’s only taken me 35 years to do proper exercise!

If you’ve started a new excerise regime as part of your January resolutions, whether it’s membership to a gym, running, swimming or walking everyday; the temptation is high to kit yourself out with new sportswear to make it all a bit more bearable. Or maybe that’s just me?

When I began roller derby training back in September, I decide to hold off on the shopping front until I knew I was in it for the long-term. For the first few months I wore regular leggings and a scruffy old t-shirt for training. Granted, I didn’t feel or look great, but when you’re trying to skate 27 laps in 5 minutes, your appearance is the last thing on your mind. Sweaty Betty.

Bruising Banditas

So what’s in my sports bag now? First up, New Look kindly started me off with a new Sports Holdall Bag and Black Embossed Sports Leggings. The bag fits all of my derby kit (skates, helmet, knee/wrist/elbow pads) and there’s extra pockets that I use for my phone, watch and jewellery. I have two vests and two sports bras that I alternate for Thursday and Sunday training, a Sisu mouth guard (it is a contact sport after all) and a Bobble water bottle.

We have new intake skaters starting this week, and the time has come to invest in my own derby skates/protective gear. I’m slightly excited. So much so I dreamt about my new skates last night!

Now I’m training twice a week, I’m feeling confident that I’ll pass all the minimum skills soon (cross those fingers, my friends), then I’ll be able to practice scrimmaging with the team, and eventually bout with other leagues. It’s a massive commitment taking on this sport but worth every single minute.

If you’ve ever been interested in roller derby, go watch a bout or say hello to your local team. The Halifax Bruising Banditas are doing a rolling intake now, so you can pop along whenever you fancy. It doesn’t matter what your size, age, fitness, or skating level is – all are welcome.

What’s your sport?

Disclosure: In collaboration with New Look
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