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March 31, 2015

Home & Style Finds

Home & Style

1 | I’m longing for the days where I can walk around in short-sleeved tops and catch a little colour on my pale skin. This Jersey Top (£14.99) from H&M would look lovely with distressed denim jeans and my comfy black Birkenstocks; I always find H&M tops great for value and quality.

2 |The What I Love About Movies (£20) book by Little White Lies has been on my wish list for a while and I’m tempted to pop it in my shopping basket but we’re trying to save every last penny at the moment for house emergencies and travel. One day this gem will be mine.

3 | I only spotted the other day that Lotta From Stockholm now stocks gorgeous Scented Candles (£15.75) as well as their colourful clogs and Pappelina rugs. This one, scented with Hawthorn & Birch is right up my alley.

4 | I love the colours hot pink, tangerine orange and turquoise on this Kristina Klarin Necklace (£18.95) from Howkapow. Perfect for cheering up plain tops and brightening up casual outfits.

5 | The new Nipprig collection from Ikea has me besotted. I adore the room dividers, chairs and baskets made from seagrass, bamboo and rattan. Just lovely. This affordable Beach Bag (£6) would be great for when you’re out and about in the summer, and would also make a great blanket or towel storage basket at home too.

6 | I’d frame this Happily Ever After Card (£2.95) from Oliver Bonas with a large mount. It would look great as part of  a gallery wall amongst treasured photographs and prints.

7 | We do not need another cushion in this house but I love this Black & White (£7.99) offering from H&M. Their home department seems to get better each season.

8 | I wrote a post recently on the online lifestyle magazine, Most Wanted, featuring my top 10 favourite deck chairs and spotted the Geometric Deck Chair Sling (£15). So if you already have a deck chair at home but simply want to update the sling, try John Lewis. Now we just need the weather!

Hebden Bridge
March 30, 2015

Three Favourite Objects


What are your top 3 favourite objects? That’s what the insurance company, More Than have asked me. What a question, eh? Do I choose all the priceless items and mementos I’ve kept or objects that I use every day like my laptop or phone? What are your favourite objects? A memorable photograph? An heirloom? Something weird and wonderful? Ooh do tell!

After a little thought, my most treasured items are things that actually mean something and that are used, loved and enjoyed regularly. I hate things that are packed away in boxes and not used, even if they do have a past.

My first choice is photographs, and if I cheat ever so slightly, my camera. The two photographs taken above are from my sister’s wedding in New York. One is of my dad towards the end of the day, after a few too many beers, and the second is of my sister, her friends, my mum and I doing the Thriller dance. Those 4 days in New York were some of the happiest days of my life; both parents happy and healthy, a sister full of joy and just married, and myself and the OH having the time of our lives in a city we just adore. I’ll always be thankful for these photographs and I’ll never be sorry for carrying my camera around with me almost every day. I also think it’s really important to print photographs out regularly so you can enjoy them on your walls or in photograph albums. Priceless really.

roller skates

Roller skates! These are a new treasured object and of course I know they can always be replaced but it’s more about what they mean to me than what they are. Firstly, my OH bought me them for Christmas. When he asked me what I’d like, not once did he question me or look at me like a loser. He simply bought them because he knew they would make me happy. And they do. He always supports my silly notions.

As for further meaning, roller skating makes me laugh, makes me a little more fearless (and alive) and is great exercise too. Roller skating at 35 also means I’m finally getting round to filling my life with all the good things I’ve always wanted to do rather than putting things off.


My third and final treasured object is our film projector. Another object that can always be replaced, and technically isn’t actually mine as I bought it for the OH for Christmas. Ahem.

I was a little wary when buying this as I wasn’t sure whether it was more of a gadget than anything else. Like I said earlier, I like things to be enjoyed not just stuck in a box. I needn’t have worried, it lives in our bedroom on my bedside shelf and we use it all the time. We don’t need a screen for it as it projects perfectly onto our wall and it makes watching films at home that little more special. We’re both film geeks so it’s an absolute treat watching our favourite films on a bigger screen and hearing the projector tick away. It gives me goosebumps!


What are your three most treasured objects?

Disclosure: Collaborative post.

March 30, 2015

5 Positive Things To Do This Week #126

positive things

1. Pick a wild flower (be careful not to pick endangered ones).

2. Read your kids or yourself a bedtime story.

3. Cook a meal together with your OH.

4. Write a list of all the books you want to read and leave it in your purse. When you next go to a charity shop, use your list!

5. Go cloud-spotting.

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Hebden Bridge
March 26, 2015

52 Lists: Things That Have Inspired Me Lately

52 LIsts

1. The eclipse and space related awesome chats with a taxi driver.
2. Putting the world to rights with blogger extraordinaire, Kat Got The Cream. Such a great afternoon filled with blueberry pancakes and long chats in the shadow of York Minster.
3. My OH who’s always there for cuddles. He’s the dude.
4. Reading Little White Lies magazine for pleasure and for work.
5. Seeing seedlings pop up on our windowsill.
6. Planning adventures.
7. The BBC Poldark series. Ooh it’s really good.
9.  Walks with Julia in the spring sunshine.
10. The kitchen and cooking tasty meals from scratch.

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