Tote of the Week: Stems Tote by Sarah Abbott

Tote of the weekVia Moonko

Sometimes we have to be boringly practical to survive the cold and damp months but there is always room for pretty. So I chose this lovely black tote bag designed by Sarah Abbott (practical bit over) with its charming stem print (pretty part) for this week’s tote of the week.

Happy Weekend!

P.S On the hunt for a new bag? Take a look through my previous tote bags featured!

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52 Lists: Things I’m Looking Forward To


  • Watching Northern Soul at the cinema
  • Spending time with university friends in Nottingham
  • Babysitting my niece and nephew
  • My first mulled wine of the season
  • A weekend away with the OH
  • Spending Christmas in our new home
  • Starting a new chapter. As much as I’ve loved working at the gallery I’ll be saying goodbye to the girls next week and concentrating solely on freelance writing and marketing our local cinema.
  • Getting our chimney fixed so we can use it properly.
  • Watching Withnail and I on the big screen.
  • Watching Peter Hook And The Light play Unknown Pleasures and Closer. Oh my.
  • Blogging. I’ve not been focusing as much as I would like on this little space due to new house, work and other stuff. That will change from November which makes me happy.

    What are you looking forward to?

P.S See my previous 52 lists here as part of the 52 lists project.


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Coveting: Autumn Delights

I’m coveting Autumn big style this year and I can’t wait to treat myself to a few bits and pieces to celebrate. Here’s a mighty fine selection of toasty clothing and wares that make up my ideal Autumnal shopping spree if money were no option!

wish list

Fair Isle Hat (£29.99) from Boden | Marbles Stitch Mug (£3.50) from John Lewis | Tinted Lip Balm (£12) from The Future Kept | Lotta Dress (£112.50) from Toast | Golden Thyme Candle (£35) from Present-London | Heartleap by Vashti Bunyan (£9.64) from Amazon | Festive Socks (£25) from Boden | Honeycomb Throw (£59.99) from The Future Kept |Notebook Set (£11.75) from SMUG | Card Holder (£15) from Boden |Brrr Tote Bag (£13) from Alphabet Bags | Loafers (£59.99) from Lotus

What are you coveting this Autumn?

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5 Positive Things To Do This Week #105


  • High five someone every day this week.
  • Make a big batch of soup.
  • Give someone a piggyback ride (and ask for one too).
  • Go for an early morning walk by yourself.
  • Find a photo booth and get your picture taken with someone special
  • Brew up and see my previous 5 Positive Things To Do posts here.

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    At Home: Sleep and Alaskan Log Cabins


    When I’m struggling to sleep at night I imagine myself falling asleep somewhere peaceful, to bring me comfort. For the past 3-4  months I’ve imagined snoozing in a grand lighthouse, curled up in a cosy Alaskan log cabin, and on a boat in the middle of a calm ocean. No white sandy beaches here.

    I’ve been keeping note of my sleeping behaviour lately, thanks to M&S, who challenged me to try their Sleep Well bedding range made from a new fibre called TENCEL® designed to aid better sleep. Quality of snooze is what I’ve been lacking, and besides my Alaskan log cabin, I was willing to try anything. The result?


    november3 november4 november2 november6 november5Duvet, pillows, white bedding, candle, diffuser and journal c/o M&S

    Prior to using the bedding, I had on average 3 nights of disturbed sleep (sometimes more) a week. After using the bedding since September, I’ve only had trouble sleeping once or twice, mainly due to being ill.

    There could be other reasons why I’m sleeping better besides the silky smooth temperature regulated bedding; we’ve now settled into our new house (house buying stress over) and I’m working a lot, therefore feeling shattered pretty much always. Whatever the reason, I’m grateful.

    If you’re interested, TENCEL® is also static free, it naturally absorbs moisture and quickly releases it again, it has a reduced bacterial growth, including no habitat for mites, it prevents mould and is environmentally friendly (low environmental impact during production). It’s magic, my friends. Magic.

    Disclosure: Collaboration with M&S

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    Tote of the Week: Trick or Treat Halloween Bag by Hannah Stevens


    I have super fond memories of Halloween. That’s right, not just fond, SUPER fond. We didn’t wear fancy costumes due to lack of funds, only black bin bags fashioned into witches outfits, but our Halloween spirit was with us in force.

    We went trick or treating only on the roads and streets we knew well, and told each other ghost stories whilst making witch-like cackling noises (I’m a pro to this day). It was fun, harmless and celebratory of all things dark and mysterious and I loved it.

    So naturally I chose this tote bag by Hannah Stevens as my tote of the week; what a perfect bag it would make for the kiddos on Halloween night.

    P.S Can you believe it’s almost November?!

    P.S On the hunt for a new tote bag? Take a look through my previous tote bags featured.

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