30 Positive Things To Do This Week #3

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To celebrate posting one hundred 5 Positive Things Posts (that’s 500 positive things to do!), I thought I’d look back through the archives every day this week and share some of my favourite positive things to do this week. Here’s the third instalment!

  1. Try on something you wouldn’t usually wear.
  2. Say no to things that don’t make you happy or excite you.
  3. Purchase a National Trust Membership to encourage weekend jaunts in the UK.
  4. Spend some time working on your posture and consciously thinking about the way you sit and stand. This is a must for me before I turn into a creaky old lady.
  5. If you spent your weekend watching the Glastonbury Festival footage wishing you were there (hands up), start saving your pennies now for 2015 – tickets released October this year!
  6. Assess your year so far, is there something making you unhappy? This week, work on trying to change that.
  7. Switch off tonight and spend the evening discussing your inspirations (avoid work chat).
  8. Have your own outdoor movie night. I love this idea from SF Girl By Bay, great for you and the family or maybe a wedding party?!
  9. Take things slowly. I’ve been a clumsy mare lately, dropping phones, burning myself on  the oven, tripping up steps (then pretending it didn’t happen with a little jog). A little reminder to take some care I think.
  10. Turn your mattress.
  11. Pass on a book you’ve enjoyed to a friend or family member.
  12. Instead of spending your pennies on treats this week, head to your local pharmacist and buy a selection of vitamins and remedies to care of your health. I’ve only just started taking vitamins regularly (silly, I know) and it feels right spending my money on things that benefit my health and well-being. You can buy shoes the week after…
  13. Do a little stargazing to put things into perspective. I use the Google Sky Map to name all the wee glimmers of light in the evening sky.
  14. Have a DVD on standby for those blue days, when nothing else will do. Give me Alan Partridge any day for escapism and laughter.
  15. Transfer bought biscuits to a biscuit tin for days/weeks/months when baking is off the menu.
  16. Ask your family and friends what they eat regularly to get some inspiration for your weekly food shop; food ruts annoy me.
  17.  Find inspiration by discovering new lifestyle, design, food, beauty and fashion blogs.
  18. Make an effort to take a family picture this week. Your partner, your children, your folks; capture your loved ones and cherish it.
  19. Learn how to make a dish from one of your favourite eateries. I made American style pancakes for the first time this weekend; with maple syrup and crispy bacon, they make the perfect weekend treat.
  20. Check your fire alarms in your house and make sure you have spare batteries when you do need to replace them.
  21. Look through your windows from the outside to get a  different perspective of your rooms. I was pleasantly surprised how homely ours looked.
  22. Greet strangers when they pass you with a smile or “Good Morning”. It’s nice to be nice.
  23. Visit a record fair and spend hours perusing your favourite records and discovering new ones.
  24. Dress up your Switch Plates with Washi tape. Tutorial via Crab and Fish.
  25. Watch old movies one night a week. For some reason black and white movies always make me feel good.
  26. Tell someone you appreciate them. Don’t buy them a gift or card, just tell them.
  27. Fill a jam jar or milk bottle with flowers from your garden.
  28. Buy a sudoku or crossword book (not an App!) to keep your brain in check and away from your mobile phone.
  29. Skim stones for immediate satisfaction and relaxation.
  30. Have a makeup-free day. I have about two of these a week and swear it helps my skin.

Check out 30 more positive things to do tomorrow!

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Moving Home Checklist

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When my parents first started looking for a new home a few years ago, the whole process seemed an exciting one. They were soon to be retired and were looking forward to moving a little closer to their children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, everything didn’t go according to plan and it turned into a big stressful experience, that neither has recovered from.

This was one of the reasons I’ve been dreading moving house, let alone buying one but I can now happily shout from the rooftops that we’ve made it through to the other side, thanks to supportive family and friends, a few tears and taking each day one day at a time.

Thankfully my folks have started to look at property for sale again, and I’m hoping our experience, albeit stressful, will prompt them to try once more. I’ll also tell them to read my previous post on how to stay positive when buying a house!

house buyers checklist

If you’re looking for a new home or are ready to start packing up your belongings for the big move, here is my moving home checklist to send you on your merry way!

  1. Make sure you save a little extra money. Beside removal companies, we spent a silly amount of money on takeaways, new bits and pieces for the house and trips to the tip etc.
  2. Pick up charity shop bags to get ready to sort through unwanted items. If you have the time, to earn some extra pennies, you could also hold a car boot sale a few weeks prior to the move. Anything you don’t sell, you can take to the charity shop afterwards.
  3. I think its much easier asking your removal company to supply boxes and wrapping materials prior to the move. Ours cost £30 and meant we weren’t wasting time trying to source boxes and bubble wrap. Time is precious when you’re moving house!
  4. Arrange someone to look after the children or pets on your moving day.
  5. Buy lots of cleaning products for the old and new house.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  7. Try and book off a few days from work to make your move a little less stressful.
  8. Label all boxes and bags with the room they are meant to go in.
  9. Take meter readings from your old property and your new home on the day of your house move.
  10. Have a list of telephone numbers ready to let people know of your change of address. These might include: bank, energy provider, council tax, broadband, water supplier, TV license, magazine subscriptions. Oh and don’t forget your doctors, opticians, dentist and employer.
  11. Check your home insurance is ready from the day you move in.
  12. Have a box ready with essentials including: mugs, bottles of water, tea, coffee, biscuits, milk, prescriptions, first aid kit, scissors, toilet roll, toiletries and tea towels.
  13. Open the fizz; the hard part is over!

moving home checklist

Have you moved recently?

Disclosure: Collaborative Post

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30 Positive Things To Do This Week

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To celebrate posting one hundred 5 Positive Things Posts (that’s 500 positive things to do!), I thought I’d look back through the archives every day this week and share some of my favourite positive things to do this week. Here’s the next 30!

  • Thank someone.  There are many ways to thank the people in your life. Whether it’s your employees, friends or telling a company when you’ve received great service. We’re all quick to pick up the phone or write an email when we get bad service, and rightly so. But telling someone they’ve done a great job when they might be having a bad day could just turn it around.
  • Create a happy playlist. This is on my things to do list – a guilt free list of songs that make me smile that I can go to when feeling down in the dumps.*Adds 99 Luftballons to playlist*
  • Plan a weekend off. Make no plans whatsoever and just spend it doing whatever makes you happy. Bake, watch your favourite movies, take a nap – whatever you fancy. When someone asks what you’re up to just reply ‘I’m busy, doing nothing’ and revel in the glory.
  • Start making a list of everything you’ve achieved this year. Is there something you would have liked to have accomplished yet haven’t even begun? It’s never too late.
  • Book a break away with your best friend to lift the spirits. On a budget? Go somewhere with fewer distractions (shopping and nightlife) and enjoy a weekend in the country. Bring wine, nibbles, magazines, walking boots and put the world to rights!
  • Invest in a decent and colourful umbrella for the Winter months. My red and white polka dot umbrella has been going strong for 7 years and is a cheery so-and-so. Meh to rain!
  • Change one room (or more if you have the time and pennies!) in your home by adding new textiles. New cushions for the living room? Bedding for the bedroom or tea towels for the kitchen? Depending on your budget a small change in a space can make all the difference.
  • Keep a photograph of your family/friends in your purse/wallet. It really helps when you’re stood in the longest queue in the world. I’m talking to you post office!
  • Get the board games out.
  • Give someone you haven’t spoken to in a while a phone call. It will brighten your day and theirs.
  • Make space! Have a look through your house and pop a few items you no longer wear/use in a bag ready for the charity shop or eBay
  • Repeat the phrase ‘It’s not the end of the world’ over and over when having a rough day. Chances are, it could be worse. “Sod it” works just as well.
  • Give your computer/TV/radio/camera/mobile a hug and be thankful for them.  We’re a very fortunate part of the world’s population that has all these goodies at our fingertips. Go on, give them a hug.
  • Spend quality time with a pet
  • Listen. We can’t fix every problem – somethings just aren’t black and white. However we can take time to listen to others which often does more good.
  • Take biscuits or cake into work (preferably on a Monday) to cheer your colleagues up. Cake makes everything better.
  • Empty your purse/wallet of receipts and rubbish. I did this the other week and found a fiver. Bonus.
  • Sleep.
  • Give Blood.
  • Write a list of the things you’re looking forward to.
  • Try not to moan ONCE for a whole week.
  • Pop the clothes you’re wearing the next day on the radiator so when you wake up to get dressed you’ll be nice and toasty.
  • Attempt a bus/train journey without reading or using your phone. Simply look outside. It might be the only time you have that day to have some peace & quiet (minus the other passengers).
  • Try very hard not to catastrophize. I say ‘very hard’ as I know how difficult this is. I worry a lot and jump to a million conclusions before a problem has even begun. All I do know is that what I worry about today is likely to be forgotten in the very near future (hopefully/cross fingers/salutes magpie).
  • Use your car less. It’s easy for me to say, as I don’t drive and don’t have kids to rally around. But I do know an awful lot of people who use the car unnecessarily for short distances. Walk!
  • Have a date night out with your OH – a night at the movies is my favourite. Pub grub, a glass of red, movie, and then chat about the film whilst walking home hand in hand. Happy Lisa!
  • Pick a favourite childhood meal or snack and cook up a memory. I’m eating lots of banana and peanut butter sandwiches lately which remind me of ‘treat’ packed lunches when I was little.
  • Watch an inspirational film. Searching for Sugarman is an uplifting film that will move you to tears (if you’re a sentimental so-and-so like me).
  • Don’t keep worries to yourself. Talk to someone and don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • Learn the basics of a new language. I can’t abide it when I see British people abroad not even attempting the basics of the language of the country they’re in. Buy a phrase book and give it a go!

Check out 30 more positive things to do tomorrow!


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At Home: Office Space

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A couple of days ago this room was filled with boxes and bin bags and now I can happily prance around the space with ease. Like you do. It feels an utter luxury to have a space to work in at home when I’ve been working from our sofa (and bed) for the past 4 years, so I’ve promised myself never to take it for granted.


I needed the office to be up and running as quickly as possible, so we headed to Ikea to find a desk that would work for now until I find ‘the one’. In the end we opted for a Linnmon/Adils desk in white for £15 so it would match my favourite Eames reproduction chair and Ikea bookcase that we bought a few years back.

uk lifestyle blog

To make the space more cheerful, I added this multi coloured rug c/o Habitat for added texture, colour and personality. The hand-woven cotton flat weave rug works well coupled with the white furniture to create a bright and colourful room. One day soon, when we get our first dog (eep!), I can imagine it sleeping on it whilst I’m working away, so I’m happy it’s a hard-wearing rug too.

uk lifestyle blog uk lifestyle blog uk lifestyle blog

We then hung some Cable and Cotton lights to make the room feel cosy; perfect for Winter afternoons when the light begins to fade. A few final additions included a vintage typewriter (just because), desk lamp, plant, notebooks, files, pin board, pencil box and a large Paper Bag for storage.

uk lifestyle blog uk lifestyle blog

Minus a cocktail bar (Mad Men style), I think it’s pretty much perfect. I’ll test it out properly for the first time tomorrow and see if it helps with productivity. If you see me on Twitter, tell me off!

Disclosure: In collaboration with Habitat

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Positive Things To Do This Week #100

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Hello folks, how are you all? Fine and chipper I hope. Well, I can now happily announce we have successfully moved house and are officially home owners, hurrah! It all feels rather surreal still and very overwhelming but the house already feels like home and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

Anyhoo, can you believe I’ve posted 100 posts for the 5 Positive Things To Do This Week series? That’s 500 positive things to do, my friends. Five hundred! Rather than wash over this mighty milestone (because you should always celebrate the little things) I thought I’d look back through the archives and share some of my favourite positive things to do this week. Here’s the first 30!

  • Go offline for at least one day a week.
  • Got a roof over your head, your health, food in the belly and a handful of family and friends? Count your blessings. Somethings are that simple.
  • Pass on a new recipe.  Find a pretty postcard and write the recipe on the back. Pass it on!
  • Buy yourself  flowers or pick some from your garden. Flowers induce positive emotions and don’t need to be expensive; I’m happy buying a bunch for a few pounds and splitting them between jam jars across the house.
  • Cut a sandwich into quarters. I don’t know why this makes me happy but it does.
  • Pick up a pen and a piece of paper. Write down an ambition you have. Already achieved it or on your way? Give yourself a pat on the back. Not quite there yet? Begin to think and research how you can make it happen (followed by a pat on the back for taking the crucial first step).
  • Take 15 minutes out of your day with a cup of your favourite beverage, and write a letter to a friend or family member. It’s also the perfect chance to practice your handwriting (mine is terrible).
  • Wrap up warm and go for a walk around the place you live (post your letter at the same time). Look up, down and all around and see what you can find.
  • Listen to a favourite album that you used to played over and over. Turn it up and sing very loudly. My choice? Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me by The Cure.
  • Bake something to put in your cake tin – home is inside a cake tin. Indeed it is.
  • Hang pictures, photographs or things that make you smile in places you see daily. We have a lovely seascape oil painting next to our bathroom mirror – great for day dreaming whilst brushing my teeth. One day I will live by the sea…
  • Swap used magazines with friends/family. If you read different ones, it’s a great way on saving pennies and recycling. Same goes for books.
  • Invite friends round for ‘pudding nights’ instead of dinner. A cheaper alternative but 10 times more satisfying and less stressful.
  • When you’ve finished using the oven, leave the oven door open to heat the rest of the kitchen. Do you have any alternative ways to heat your home? The stupid energy companies have too much of our money *shakes fist at sky*
  • Celebrate the small things. Nothing makes my boyfriend’s face light up more than a celebration and I think we’re both in agreement that they’re not only for birthdays or special events. Done something to make you feel proud? Celebrate!
  • Think of 5 things that you love doing and work out a way to incorporate them into your everyday life. My 5 things are writing, sewing, baking, running and dancing. I must dance more, even if it’s just in my PJ’s listening to the radio.
  • Empty your phone inbox. Save any nice/thoughtful texts to your phone and delete the rest. Oh and while you’re at it send a lovely/thoughtful text to someone you love.
  • Learn something new.
  • Unsubscribe to newsletters you are no longer interested in.They fill up your email inbox and tempt you into buying stuff you didn’t want in the first place.
  • Try not to compare your life with others. Nobody’s life is what it seems. Just get busy living your own.
  • Wear something that makes you happy. My happy clothing is a chunky knit scarf. Swoon. I’m also a fan of lovely pockets. A dress or skirt with pockets is my idea of heaven.
  • Let go of negative and nasty people in your life and concentrate your time, energy and love on the people who deserve it.
  • Make your bed. Air out the room for a minimum of 10 mins (while you’re in the bathroom) and then make your bed. A freshly made bed equals joy! NB. Resist temptation to get back in.
  • Drink water. I am super rubbish at this. I have to remind myself to drink throughout the day and tea, I’ve been told, isn’t enough. Well, my mission this week is to drink 4 glasses a day. Will you join me?
  • Start thinking of Christmas! I refuse to spend the last few weeks in December stressing when I can be celebrating. So a little organisation (I’m late compared to a lot of people I know) will make you enjoy the season more.
  • Listen to your body. I’ve kicked back as much as possible lately whilst having a silly cold. It’s hard to let go when you have things to do but I’d rather slow down for a short period than it last months. Thankfully I’m feeling much better this week. Hurrah!
  • Buy a new lipstick.
  • Change your environment. Pick a room in your house that you spend most of your time in. Does it make you happy? If not, have a change around. Move the furniture, get rid of clutter (not pretty clutter though, I like pretty clutter) or perhaps try a new scent to fragrance your room (Abode Aroma diffusers are grand by the way). Changing your environment is an instant happiness maker.
  • Be organised. There are never enough hours in a day but there are lists. Making a list each night before I go to sleep helps me get through my daily tasks. I try to keep it achievable so I can always do more if I fancy.
  • Do something to make you feel proud. Not wanting to sound like Heather Small but isn’t it nice when you feel proud of someone? How about feeling proud of yourself? Whether it’s completing a project, retraining for a new job or helping an old lady cross the street, feeling proud of yourself is a lovely feeling

Check out 30 more positive things to do tomorrow!

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Logging Off (Just For A Little While)


Hello there! Just to let you know I’m having a little blog break whilst we move house and get settled. We’re hoping this will be any day from now but who knows (the joys of unorganised solicitors!).

I’ll be around on Instagram and Twitter (links at top of page) but in the meantime, toodlepip!

Best get packing!


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