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January 30, 2015

Tote of the Week: Mini Hexagon Shopper by Boden

boden shopper

Today, my friends, is Friday. A pack up your troubles come on get happy kind of day. It’s also rather splendid because it’s the last Friday in January. Everybody scream! That’s right, we made it folks. We made it through the wilderness.

And because I’m feeling chipper, done a good week’s worth of work (and then some) AND have a four-day weekend to look forward to (hello Scarborough and York), I’m thinking its time to bring back tote of the week (first of the year – oops).

This week’s tote bag offering comes from Boden (who always get it right) and is £19. Made from 100% cotton, the bold and colourful design is perfect for cheering up your winter outfits. They also have three other spring-inspired designs featuring tulips, stripes, seed packets and polka dots…go!

So then, what are you up to this weekend? Everybody screeeeam!

Happy Friday!

P.S I apologise for exclamation mark overload. Ahem.

P.P.S On the hunt for a new tote bag? Take a look through my previous tote bags featured.

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January 29, 2015

10 Instagram Accounts I Love

Mathilde heart Manech

Besides catching up on what my nearest and dearest are up to, Instagram is the perfect space to pop by to be inspired and cheered up. I’ve only been using the social media platform for 2 years, more so in the last year, but among the 500 people I follow, I’ve found 10 users that add a little sunshine and inspiration into my daily life. We all need a bit of that in January, huh? So without further ado, here are my top 10 Instagram accounts to follow!

Capture By LucyCapture By Lucy

Besides being a general Wonder Woman of sorts, Capture By Lucy’s photographs focus on making the ordinary extraordinary. Expect beautifully styled shots of home, family life and her work as a blogger and photographer.

French WordsFrench Words

 French Words features a new French word every day for you to learn and discover. Each day you’ll hear me shout out loud their daily offering. Reconnaissant!

Fall For DIYFall for DIY

Besides having one of the best DIY blogs out there (in my humble opinion), Francesca’s Instagram account is a fresh and modern space to pop by and be inspired. A creative whizz!

Me and OrlaMe and Orla 

I love this account so much. Full of atmospheric, beautifully shot photographs that look like they’ve come straight from a Brontë novel. Fitting that she is based in West Yorkshire too.

The Future KeptThe Future Kept

Besides being a beautifully curated online shop, The Future Kept account is a fantastic place to stop by to be reminded of this beautiful country of ours. I love this shot of Beachy Head in East Sussex, it’s now on my list of places to visit this year.

The Lovely DrawerThe Lovely Drawer

The Lovely Drawer is a designer, blogger and stylist and her charming account reflects this; I want to just dive into this peaceful and pretty world!

Xanthe BerkeleyXanthe Berkeley

Xanthe Berkeley is the face behind this colourful and adventure-inspired Instagram account. She’s made me look at colour in a whole different way. Plus I love her yellow bike!

 A Quiet StyleA Quiet Style

If you’re needing a flower fix then A Quiet Style is for you. Besides wanting to grow roses in my back yard now, it’s a perfect account for interior and quiet inspiration.

Apartment ApothecaryApartment Apothecary

Craft, interiors and Otto the Golden Retriever. Need I say anymore? Go, follow!

En Brogue

En Brogue

For proving that flat shoes can be beautiful too. Hannah Rochell, we salute you!

Which are your favourite Instagram accounts?

P.S Give me a shout if I’m not following you,you can find me over at Mathilde heart Manech

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January 26, 2015

5 Positive Things To Do this Week #117


Notebook from Oh Squirrel

1. Do a crossword puzzle.

2. Help out a homeless person. With a few pound coins, a cup of tea or simply your time. Thank you Claireabellemakes for reminding me to do this.

3. Read one of your favourite books for a nostalgic treat.

4. Give your skin some winter TLC and treat yourself to a facial at home or at a local spa.

5. Have you made a start on your new year’s resolutions? It may be the end of January soon (can you believe it?) but it’s never too late! I’m going to read myself silly this week and bake something scrummy.

 Brew up and see my previous 5 Positive Things To Do posts here.

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January 22, 2015

10 Great Things About Winter

lifestyle bloggerThe first couple of weeks of January weren’t that great, in fact they were ruddy disappointing. But I don’t want to be wishing the days away until Spring, these are the days after all. So I thought I’d write a list of all the things that are great about winter, including bobble hats and snow ball fights, to remind me how lucky we are to have this silly/awesome season of ours.

1. We can read more books and magazines. Chances are we all stay indoors a little more than usual over the colder months so it’s the perfect time to delve into long novels and inspiring magazines.

2. Hot chocolate, Ovaltine, Horlicks; choose your poison. There’s no better feeling than wrapping your cold hands around a warm mug.

3. Snow days, snowball fights, snowmen. Also, watching people out in the snow is my new favourite type of people-watching.

4. Scarves, bobble hats, gloves and ALL the layers; what’s not to love about winter clothing?

5. Comfort food! Yup this one gets an exclamation mark.

6. Red wine. See also Port.

7. Log fires, of the roaring variety.

8. It’s more peaceful. Most people stay indoors at the weekend during the winter months so go outside and enjoy the quieter streets, fields and woods.

9.  Films, films, films. Not only is it awards season but it’s the perfect time to catch a movie at your local cinema (lots of cinemas re-release Oscar nominated films if you have missed any). Or snuggle up indoors with a blanket, and watch some of your favourite classics…I’m in the mood for a Hitchcock night!

10. Make, bake and DIY. Winter is a great time to start a new hobby or finish off projects you’ve already started. Look at tutorials online, read magazines but more importantly, just get cracking!

What’s on your list?

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