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November 25, 2015

10 Simple Ways To Transform Your Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom Ideas

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It’s one month till Christmas, my friends.  I repeat, one month till Christmas. Polly doesn’t understand it’s the season to be jolly of course but if she did she’d be chasing her tail in excitement, right now.

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare bedroom (I still pinch myself knowing we have one) it might be time for a seasonal-spruce up for your Christmas guests. Worried about pennies? Never fear! Here’s 10 ideas to turn your spare room into a cosy retreat (for next to nothing) for your merry chums.

1| Change the bedding. Use a set from a different room or simple change the pillow covers for a mis-matched look (this works well with white bedding). To finish, add some extra throw cushions and a cosy throw in case your guests get cold at night.

2| Rearrange the space by moving bedroom furniture or swapping it from another room. I can’t remember how many times I used to do this when I lived at home with my parents; it always gave my bedroom a new lease of life, making me enjoy it more.

3| Personalise the space with photographs and art. I always find guest rooms a little lacking in personality, ours included. I think it’s more important to make your guests feel more at home, rather than making it look like a hotel. I love looking at friends and families photos and art, your guests will too.

4| Add fresh flowers. So simple but oh so effective! Using jam jars or stem vases are a great way to get your money’s worth from a bouquet of flowers or if you’re looking for longevity, buy a plant (or a seasonal Poinsettia).

5 | Keep the bedside table(s) empty. It’s great to personalise the space with your bits and pieces but do keep a small area just for your guests to use and store their valuables. It’s also a good idea to write down the wi-fi password and keep it in a place where your mates can find it.

6| Sort the junk. If your spare room, like ours, has turned into a dumping ground, make sure you give it the once over before your guest arrive (or pass on your unwanted wares to obliging guests!). Charity shops are always in need of goods at this time of year.

7| Open the windows every morning to keep the room smelling fresh and invest in a decent room diffuser to scent the room. Drop some of the oil onto the radiators before your guests arrive to quickly fragrance the room.

8| Create a statement gallery wall. Gather your favourite photographs and art and create a statement wall for an instant makeover that you’ll love too.

9| Embrace the twinkles! Turn off the main lights and instead use the bedside lamp or invest in some Cable and Cotton lights (I love these) to create a cosy and inviting space to go to sleep in.

10| Now you have a room you’re happy with consider what you could do to make the space more useable when guests aren’t around. Add a desk for a craft work space? A wardrobe rail (hello dream-walk in wardrobe)? Or an armchair for a cosy reading retreat?

Are you hosting this festive season? Furniture Village are running a Pinterest competition to win a dining set so you can makeover your dining space too!

Good luck!

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November 23, 2015

Home & Style Finds: Back to Black

bathroom collage


Towels (from £4) by Orla Kiely |Freestanding Bath (£391.50) from Bella Bathrooms |  Fine Little Day Up Poster (€31) via The Poster Club | Hand Wash (£27) from Aesop  |Floreo Faux Plant (£20) from Habitat |Linen Dressing Gown (£24.99) from H&M | Lantern (£19.99) from H&M | Mini Digital Radio (£130) from Argos |

If you have a freestanding bath in your home I implore you to stop reading this post right now and go run yourself a bath.

Was that nice? I thought so. Were their bubbles? Ahhh.

Winter is here and my thoughts have turned to our nest and how we can make it more ‘us’ from simple and affordable accessory updates to painting and decorating (and starting from scratch). Making over a space doesn’t necessarily mean buying lots of new furniture and accessories (who can afford that at this time of year?) but being smart with what you already have, shopping second-hand and looking for bargains in the upcoming sales.

I have to be honest, I’ve been particularly rubbish at looking after our home of late (I am not my mother’s daughter) and I really need to get some organising done before I start looking at decorating and adding anything extra to our home. But, a little decor inspiration never hurt anyone, did it? So, I’ll be sharing some home decor ideas on the blog this week, including simple ways to update your guest bedroom, Christmas decor and home office inspiration too.

Today, however, is all about the bathroom and although I’ve shared a couple of luxury items in my list above (hello Aesop and Roberts Radio) it gives you a taste of what I’d love our bathroom to look like one day. It’s a small room and although it is functional it’s the one room in the house that could do with an update. It’s a bit bland, you know?

I’ve always wanted a roll top bath that I could sink into after a hard day at work (one of my adult goals) and I think it’s exactly what is needed to add character to the space. Plus, they’re not as expensive as I thought, or maybe my spending priorities have changed?! The rest was easy. Tiled flooring (happy with vinyl), black/grey textiles paired with copper/gold accessories to add a touch of glamour followed by a couple of plants to soften the space; dramatic and cosy, ideal for the cold months ahead.

Are you looking to decorate soon?

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November 23, 2015

5 Positive Things To Do This Week #157


1| Find an exercise that you look forward to doing (hello roller derby)

2| Put up twinkly lights to make your living space extra cosy

3| Keep your sunglasses in your handbag for the winter sunshine (it does exist!)

4| Treat yourself to a cake/pastry from your local bakery

5| Plan a winter walk in the woods

Brew up and see more 5 Positive Things To Do This Week posts here. Oh and don’t forget to share your positive moments over on Instagram and tag with #sharethepositive

Happy tagging!

Christmas/ Gifts
November 19, 2015

Christmas Gift Guide: Homewares

Christmas gift guide

If you’ve read this blog for a while you’ll already know how much I love Christmas. I’ve been trying to pin-point what it is that I love about it. Bill Murray’s Scrooged? Eating ALL the liqueurs? Saying ‘Chin-Chin’ with a raised glass for the millionth time with loved ones? Yes, all of those things. But mainly I think it holds a particular place in my heart because I have great memories of it growing up.

I’ve not really thought about it that much only knowing that it will be the three of us on Christmas day, but a work trip to London on Tuesday got me in the mood. Winter in London does that. Therefore I’m launching my annual gift guides on the blog (ring the bells!) starting today with some peachy home interiors.

1| If you’re never going to buy a calendar again it has to be a good one, right? The Perpetual Calendar (£19.95) from WitShop is a stylish flat pack laser-cut plywood calendar, perfect for any contemporary office or kitchen.

2| I love this colour selection of Cable & Cotton lights (£32) from Merry and Bright. During the winter everyone is looking to add extra light (and colour) in their home, and these will look great switched off too.

3| It’s been a while since I’ve visited Ikea and after having a quick browse on the internet I can feel a trip coming on (apologies bank balance). This affordable Strala Lamp (£18) from Ikea, would make a cosy gift this Christmas to someone who’s just moved home.

4| Layer up your sofas with this stylish Jade Theo Throw (£30) from Oliver Bonas, complete with tassels. We all love a good tassel, don’t we? If you have a bigger budget, why not pair this gift with a good book and a bar of luxury chocolate too.

5| Another great pairing with a book/throw/chocolate is a luxury candle, and this Pine Needle and Juniper offering (£11) from Howkapow is presented in a stylish gift box too. If you’re looking for something a little extra…

6| These matches (£6) from Archivist Press make great stocking fillers but I especially love this design. Bravo Archivist Press.

7| I’m a sucker for anything with a lighthouse design (see above) so the Lightwell Doorstop (£24.95) from Joules get’s my vote, a great gift for a nursery perhaps?

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