October 5, 2015

5 Positive Things To Do This Week #150


1. Make it your mission this week to dig into a really good book

2. Plan a trip to a theatre/ballet/opera show for Christmas

3. Paint your front door for an instant home makeover

4. Stand up for yourself

5. Make a batch of autumnal soup

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Hebden Bridge
October 2, 2015

Maison et Objet Paris 2015

Maison & Objet
It is almost a month since we went to Paris, and visited the Maison et Objet trade fair. My delay in sharing my photographs from the fair gives you an idea of how busy it’s been at home since my return. I’m already counting the weeks till the Christmas holidays!

I’ve been to a few trade fairs before when working in retail and also for freelance work, but Maison et Objet was on another scale; a mighty beast of interior and design inspiration, and we only saw half of it.

As well as discovering new brands, familiarising myself with designers I already knew, and cooing over impressive displays; it was the perfect place for spotting interior trends that we’ll hopefully see next year in the shops (look out for my buddy’s shop launch in winter). Here’s a wee taste…

maison et objet paris 2015 maison et objet pariscacti dream happy home interior bloggers interior bloggers lifestyle blogs lighting at Maison et Objet lighting maison et objet 2015 maison et objet paris exhibitors paris 2015 plant life at maison et objet stationery at maison et objet swing Textiles and Maison et Objet Paris textiles maison et objet paris 2015 tote bags wire lamp shadeinterior trade fair lifestyle bloggers maison & objet paris 2015 maison et objet

Have you ever been to Maison et Objet?

Home & Style
September 30, 2015

Home & Style Finds

home and style

I’ve been using the Pocket app on my phone lately to save articles and products that I’ve spotted on the web, to either use on the blog at a later date, or to read later when Polly isn’t driving me nuts (she needs some new chew toys!). The above home and style finds were discovered and ‘pocketed’ while waiting for my newly painted nails to dry (raspberry red if you’re interested!) and I’m rather fond of each and every one.

1 | It’s only natural to covet jumpers in autumn but this Sweater (£29.99) from Zara is extra special. I particularly love short jumpers, especially when worn with jeans, and the colours of this are perfectly seasonal too. This jumper is destined to be worn whilst on a coastal walk, followed by an evening in the pub with a bottle of red wine. No other environment will do, my friends.

2| It happened. Polly slept on our bed. It wasn’t our fault. She was poorly and we wanted to make sure we could keep an eye on her…5 days later she’s still there. Yes, I know we’re weak. Ahem.

Anyhoo, I was introduced to a local delivery furniture store called Bedstar, where we could pick up some cool new branded furniture (to go along with the wall lights and storage we need for the bedroom). I really, really want a new bed and to replace our horror of a mattress but alas the puppy has spent all our pennies lately… Dear Santa anyone? Instead I’ll have to settle for beautiful bedding like this Chambray Duvet Set (£39.99) from H&M. I’d usually opt for something colourful for the autumn months but I really love this muted grey/blue duvet and it would look peachy in our bedroom. Just peachy.

3 | Two things on my pre-order list are Spectacles by Sue Perkins and Divers by Joanna Newsom. New books and music are ESSENTIAL for the cold months ahead. In fact they should be prescribed on the NHS.

I’m so excited to read Sue Perkins book; she’s bloody brilliant. Joanna Newsom? I’m forever in her awe and I love the sound of her new singles. Bring on the release dates!

4| Blankets, blankets, blankets. I love them. Polly loves them too. I’d like just one that’s all mine and isn’t covered in Polly hair….which is unlikely as I can’t stop snuggling up to her. Yes, I’m a giant sop. This Blanket in a soft textured weave (£24.99) from H&M would be ideal for early mornings standing on the doorstop drinking my morning cuppa.

5| Erm, Orla Kiely? You do watches now? I totally missed this! Anyhoo, I’ve reacquainted myself with all things Kiely and have now added this chic Orla Kiely Watch (£120) from Freemans to my Christmas list.

6 | I’ve been jabbering on about leopard print for an age but have never dared to take the plunge. These Slip-On Canvas Pumps (£29.95) on sale from Joules are very tempting though.

7| Rain is a bugger. Nothing is going to make it awesome. But this Umbrella (£14.95) from Dot Com Gift Shop will help to make it marginally OK. Gorgeous print, great price too.

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Hebden Bridge
September 29, 2015

Lately: Gardening, October and Walks with Polly

simple things

As soon as autumn lands the desire to nest, drink mulled wine and layer up hits hard and fast. It’s my favourite season for sure. We have the chimney sweep booked, we’re planning Halloween fun and I’m browsing the shops for winter clothes, like you do. Don’t get me started on blankets, books and hot chocolate! Oh my.

Before the frost hits, I’ve been taking advantage of dry days and tidying up our garden borders, adding a few bedding plants here and there, while appreciating the blooms we still have. Violas, Heather and Geraniums have been cheering up our small space and our herbs are doing really well too but I’m not sure whether to bring them indoors soon before it gets too cold? Do potted herbs need to come back in? Spot the amateur gardener, folks.

violas30 plus bloggers Autumn plants geranium heather sunflower parsley bedding plants puppy

We’ve been cracking on with other autumn gardening jobs including trimming back ivy, weeding (we only did this recently and they’re back with force!) and gathering leaves for the neighbourhood compost bin but I must admit, the urge to go back indoors for a hot cuppa and a slice of Battenberg cake outweighs being outside weeding!

This little lady loves gardening; her version of it being eating all the plants and digging to the centre of the universe, whilst guarding unearthed stones with a look of menace on her face. Don’t be fooled by that cuteness folks! Perhaps a walk beforehand next time will be better…

hebden bridge DSC_0056 DSC_0046 DSC_0050

What are you getting up to in your garden this autumn?

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