5 Positive Things To Do This Week #99

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  • Have a pamper night including good music, candles and cake.
  • Clear your desktop and folders of any unwanted files and images.
  • To celebrate a clutter free computer, change your desktop wallpaper. I love the Dress Your Tech series via Design Love Fest – so many to choose from!
  • Book a meal in the near future with all your family
  • Cross your fingers and toes for us, we might be completing on the house this week!

Brew up and see my previous 5 Positive Things To Do posts here.

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Lately: The Busiest Of Times


Peeking through those trees is the street we live on. This time next week, we hope to be living in our new house, but obviously that’s not certain until we have the keys in our hands. Limbo land is a pretty stressful place but my oh my it will be worth every grey hair and anxious moment.

Anyhoo, besides house stuff, here are a few pictures of what’s put a smile on my face lately.

uk lifestyle blog

Colourful plants at our local florist. I’m looking forward to organising our new outdoor space. Best get pinning ideas from Pinterest!

uk lifestyle blog

My other new job! I’m now the Marketing Officer at our local independent cinema. It’s a dream to be able to promote films, theatre and music and I finally feel I’m heading in the right direction career wise. I get goose pimples every time I walk through the auditorium!

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The weather has been reminiscent of April showers lately, so I’m grateful for breaks in the rain for blue sky loveliness.

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Sylvia Plath on her bike. Isn’t this street art by London-based artist Stewy, awesome?


uk lifestyle blogMerc Canvas Satchel c/o House of Fraser

The OH has a man bag! He has been ferreting around from work to the solicitors, to the bank and back to work again, so it’s become pretty useful in carrying around all the lovely paperwork we seem to have acquired lately. It has 3 pockets, adjustable straps and an awesome lining too.

uk lifestyle blog

uk lifestyle blog

I don’t think it will be long till I start wearing tights again but my little burgundy flats will be perfect for bright Autumnal days.

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More plant loveliness.

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Street art at the bottom of our street. Ah Portlandia, you were so right; stick a bird on it!

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I’m hoping my sister will treat us to a bag of cooking apples and damsons soon from her back garden. I can’t wait to get cooking in the new kitchen!

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I’m trying to take pictures of all the colourful flowers I see as it won’t be long till we welcome in a new season. Time for another photo walk perhaps?

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Eep! Well, it would be rude not to get an image of this; the countdown begins folks!

What have you been up to lately?

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Tote of the Week: Woolly Wendy Tote by Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson

Via John Lewis

Thank you to Tigerlilly Quinn who shared this tote bag gem on Facebook; this week’s number one contender for tote of the week. It is of course designed by the awesome, Donna Wilson. I didn’t realise she designed a range of haberdashery products for John Lewis but I LOVE that she chose to include tote bags in the range, to store crafty goodness.

I haven’t had a chance to be crafty in the last few months but I hope to wake up one day soon with sewing thread in my hair (I’m a messy crafter) or balls of yarn, as illustrated above. Right now I’m lucky if I make it out of the house without a Post-it note stuck to the back of my head. Oh the glamour!

The Woolly Wendy tote bag is currently in the sale for £15, which I think is a billy-bargain. What are you waiting for my friends?

Happy Friday!

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52 Lists: The Dreams/Goals You Had As A Child

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  1. To be a lighthouse keeper
  2. To be a film actress
  3. To have a dog named Charlie
  4. To go abroad on holiday
  5. To live by the sea
  6. To go on lots of adventures

What did you dream of as a child?

P.S See my previous 52 lists here as part of the Made in Hunters 52 lists project


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Most Wanted from VoucherCodes.co.uk

I’m more than a bit excited to announce I have joined the freelance team on the Voucher Codes blog, Most Wanted. The blog delivers your daily dose of smart shopping and consumer lifestyle news from shopping experts (that’s me!).

Most Wanted Blog

They’re based in London but rather conveniently I am able to work remotely, with the odd trip to London town every now and again. If you head on over to the Home and Garden category, that is where you will find my posts every week.

Besides wanting to regularly write for a website, outside of my blog, I keep on pinching myself that I will be writing about home and garden inspiration. Perfectly timed as we move into our new home (although I am panicking about not being broadband-ready at the new house!).

I hope you get the chance to take a look at the blog, it really is a great read with a team of awesome writers sharing their wisdom on fashion, home and garden, food and drink, technology, beauty and travel.

Hurrah for new adventures!

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