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September 2, 2015

August Moments


#Sharethepositive moments on Instagram (sources via link)

Did you make your list of all the great things that happened in August? Here’s mine: Seeing your #sharethepositive moments on Instagram, going to Cambridge for the annual university meet up, visiting Dean Clough with my buddy Julia, preparing for Polly coming home, starting roller derby training, gardening with the family, getting a new gate for our back patio, having a delicious meal out in Haworth, seeing a gorgeous sunset coming home from my parents, enjoying a Devon cream tea in the garden, getting appreciative emails from work, making plans for Paris in September, playing in the park with my niece and nephew, bringing Polly home and last week’s trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Let’s hope September is just as great!


Home & Style
September 1, 2015

Outdoor Style Finds


outdoor style

As mentioned in yesterday’s post Polly has less than a week left until she can go outdoors walking. They’ll only be small adventures to begin with but I know she’s going to love them as she bores easily and loves new experiences! I think we’ve both been feeling cabin fever lately, apart from my lovely trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park last week, and a walk outside will do us all some good. In preparation for the big walks that will happen when she’s older I’ve been coveting the following:

1 | These Slate Joules Wellies via Outdoor and Country are perfect for cheering up rainy days when I really don’t want to be outdoors. I love the pink soles and the glossy finish!

2| I already have a Keepcup but they are on my gift-list for people I know and the OH needs one too. They’re actually quite handy now while I’m chasing after Polly around the house, as they keep my tea hotter for longer!

3| I’m prone to chapped lips, especially when going in and out of the house regularly, so I’ll be topping up my supply of Lanolips Ointment via Boots soon.

4| Polly will be growing out of her puppy collars month by month but I’ve got my eye on this Betsy Liberty Cord Dog Collar via Not on the High Street for when she’s older. I’ve also got my eye on a reindeer outfit for Christmas; she’s going to love me!

5| Waterproofs with hoods are the best for no-hassle dog walking and I really like this Seasalt Bowline Jacket via Outdoor and Country.

6| The Api Backpack via Takuro has been on my wish list for a long time. It has a roll-top design making it adaptable for the amount you want to carry. The internal lining is waterproof too so it would be ideal for carrying my camera (I’ve promised myself to take good photographs of all the sunrises we’ll see), collapsible water bowl, towel and other doggy essentials. I really, really love this backpack.

7| As the Autumn/Winter season emails hit my inbox I can’t help but take a look as I much prefer the cooler months, style wise. This Long Sleeved Dress via Uniqlo is a great price, and really practical for early morning walks with the pooch.

Disclosure: Collaborative Post

August 31, 2015

Polly at Home #1

Polly at home

It seemed only right that Polly got her own feature on the blog, considering she takes up 24 hours of our day at the moment! I really want to document her puppy stages as in only one week she’s grown so much and before long she’ll be a fully grown Golden Retriever.

How has she settled? The first couple of days, Polly was finding her feet but bonding really well with us and loving exploring her new home (well, the first floor at least). The rest  of the week has passed by in a blur but bit by bit, she has come into her own and is a confident and happy puppy that gets lots of attention and play time.

Golen RetrieverPuppy golden retrieversPolly first bath

It’s been a massive adjustment on our part caring for a pet 24 hours a day, but we’re finally getting there.  I might have got a bit emotional at times, worried I was being rubbish, then forgetting she is only a puppy after all and it will take a long time for her to settle into a routine. I feel the pressure that she is learning all the time, not only during training sessions and I’m worried I’m teaching her bad habits without even knowing it. Then I realise I’m putting too much pressure on myself too. Day by day I’m getting there folks. Here’s some more puppy positives:

1. Polly loves her food therefore responds well to training her the basic commands.

2. She’s nailed ‘sit’, ‘come’, ‘stay’ and ‘down’ but there’s a little extra work needed on all of those in different environments.

3. The little lady is one early riser (yawn) which means she sleeps through most of the night. We’re getting about 5 hours sleep now, a big improvement from last week.

4. That face.

5. She did brilliantly at the vets for her second injection, worming and microchipping.

6. She loves a belly rub.

7. She responds to Polly but not during her manic I WANT TO EAT YOUR WHOLE HOUSE phase. We’re working on this.

8. In only 5 days we’ll be able to take her outside for a small walk!

9. She warms my feet up when I’m sat on the couch.

10. She’s happy to see us when we walk through the door.


If you want to see more Polly photos there’s more on my Instagram (she’s a bloggers’ dog afterall!).

P.S Thank you for all the puppy tips folks, keep em’ coming!

Disclosure: Collaborative Post

August 31, 2015

5 Positive Things To Do This Week #146


1. Make a list of all the great things that happened in your life in August. See my list this week.

2. Pop any trainers that need refreshing in the washing machine.

3. Plan a trip to the seaside for September.

4. Take photographs of the town you live in.

5. Do your best.

Brew up and see more 5 Positive Things To Do This Week posts here. Oh and don’t forget to share your positive moments over on Instagram and tag with #sharethepositive.

Happy tagging!

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